The Arts in Albion

Cascarelli’s has been a strong supporter of the arts in Albion for many years. Local artists enjoy coming to Cascarelli’s for conversation and refreshments. We are starting this page to showcase some of our posts about the arts, and we will be adding to this page to point out other cultural events and locations in Albion.

We will be also showcasing theater, musicians and more on this page as time goes by.

Ken Shenstone

Ken Shenstone – artist whose clay work focuses almost exclusively on wood firing in an anagama style kiln. Firing with wood creates surfaces like no other method of firing. The burning wood provides heat, but the fine layer of … Continue reading

Schuler’s Raku Workshops

Experience the smoke and fire of a dynamic Raku ceramic workshop at Schuler’s Art Studio! Visit  Schuler’s Arts on Facebook! Fall/holiday activities have been announced at Schuler Arts in Albion. (visit their facebook page to learn more for other seasons … Continue reading

David Habicht, Sculptor

Sculptures by David Habicht of Shotwing Studios are distinctly “pinchy-squeezy.” If you look closely you can even see my fingerprints in the bronze. While cast bronze is very hard, the sculptor’s clay that I work with has a wonderful tactile … Continue reading