Louie Cascarelli

Standing on the right, behind the bar, is Louie Cascarelli, the second generation owner of Cascarelli’s of Albion.  We can guess that the date of this photo is November 30, 1942, by reading the headline of the newspaper on the … Continue reading


Cascarelli’s Peanuts – Now shipping for the holidays!

Now shipping for the holidays, the perfect gift item! Cascarelli's Peanuts

Wholesome and delicious! Nuts are good for you and actually help you to stay in shape, according to a recent study featured on National Public Radio. So order nuts for all of your loved ones and employees this year from Cascarelli’s! They will love you for it.
Come in and order a tray also while you visit with friends.

11-20-13 DALLAS (AP) — Help yourself to some nuts this holiday season: Regular nut eaters were less likely to die of cancer or heart disease — in fact, were less likely to die of any cause — during a 30-year Harvard study.

Nuts have long been called heart-healthy, and the study is the largest ever done on whether eating them affects mortality.

Researchers tracked 119,000 men and women and found that those who ate nuts roughly every day were 20 percent less likely to die during the study period than those who never ate nuts. Eating nuts less often also appeared to lower the death risk, in direct proportion to consumption.

The risk of dying of heart disease dropped 29 percent and the risk of dying of cancer fell 11 percent among those who had nuts seven or more times a week compared with people who never ate them.

The benefits were seen from peanuts as well as from pistachios, almonds, walnuts and other tree nuts. The researchers did not look at how the nuts were prepared — oiled or salted, raw or roasted.

A bonus: Nut eaters stayed slimmer.

Ken Shenstone

Ken Shenstone – ..an artist whose clay work focuses almost exclusively on wood firing in an anagama style kiln. Firing with wood creates surfaces like no other method of firing. The burning wood provides heat, but the fine layer of … Continue reading

Schuler’s Raku Workshops

Experience the smoke and fire of a dynamic Raku ceramic workshop at Schuler’s Art Studio! Visit  Schuler’s Arts on Facebook! Fall/holiday activities have been announced at Schuler Arts in Albion. (visit their facebook page to learn more for other seasons … Continue reading