Local Interest

Albion offers many natural venues of activities, including a world class disc golf course in Victory Park, canoe launches, a river walk, window shopping downtown, entertainment at Albion College, and our very own Bohm Theatre is in the process of being renovated.

We will be writing about these wonderful resources, and also cross linking with other web sites that we are working with, in order to provide you with information to enjoy Albion as we do. Sometimes we do not see these things, because they are hard to locate, or perhaps because we are accustomed to them being a fixture that we might not appreciate. Please check back as we add more details about these fun things to do in Albion. For now, we will link to a couple of items, and we will be writing more about them in our blog, and pointing to other sites as well.

After you have walked on our historical tours, visited our wonderful parks, browsed the shops downtown, be sure to stop by and be refreshed at Cascarelli’s. Enjoy our WiFi. Have some redskins, a beverage, and perhaps dinner. We look forward to seeing you.

AlbionMich.net – Sustainable Albion – shows bike paths, local foods, river walk and more.

Albion Churches Online – Worship from home!

Albion Disc Golf Course Victory Park – from Pure Michigan

Albion Community Mural – This mural tells the story of events in Albion over the course of one year, depicted as a “river of time” from winter through summer. Learn the story of the events depicted in the mural, and how it was created by Albion Youth. This mural is directly across the street from Cascarelli’s – in the bank alley.

Books and More – near the railroad tracks.

Kids ‘N’ Stuff – Children’s Museum

Dickerson’s Music – including a vast selection of sheet music and instruments – also near the railroad tracks.

Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce – Cascarelli’s of Albion is a proud member of the Chamber!

Albion District Library – a fun place to visit. Open on Sundays. Near the park.

Albion College – Albion College was founded in 1837 and is becoming increasingly important to the community of Albion. Stop by and walk around the quad and see why Albion College is known as the “Harvard of the Mid West.”

MichiganPrints.com – Browse classic art of Albion by Michigan Artist Maggie LaNoue

Ken Shenstone

Ken Shenstone – ..an artist whose clay work focuses almost exclusively on wood firing in an anagama style kiln. Firing with wood creates surfaces like no other method of firing. The burning wood provides heat, but the fine layer of … Continue reading

Schuler’s Raku Workshops

Experience the smoke and fire of a dynamic Raku ceramic workshop at Schuler’s Art Studio! Visit  Schuler’s Arts on Facebook! Fall/holiday activities have been announced at Schuler Arts in Albion. (visit their facebook page to learn more for other seasons … Continue reading

David Habicht, Sculptor

Sculptures by David Habicht of Shotwing Studios are distinctly “pinchy-squeezy.” If you look closely you can even see my fingerprints in the bronze. While cast bronze is very hard, the sculptor’s clay that I work with has a wonderful tactile … Continue reading

Ismon House

The Ismon House in Downtown Albion offers Victorian elegance and modern amenities, including a new commercial kitchen.Gracious meeting spaces accommodate groups up to 250. To make reservations fill out our simple online form or call at (517) 629-4994. If no response leave … Continue reading