When you come to Cascarelli’s, we invited you to experience the tradition of a tray of Cascarelli’s Redskin Peanuts to enjoy with your favorite beverage.  Recent studies have shown that consuming a certain amount of nuts is beneficial to one’s health.  Ask for some redskins to go to enjoy at home.  Remember that Cascarelli’s Redskins Peanuts are wonderful corporate gifts for your business to give to its best clients, and also a wonderful holiday gift in general.
Cascarelli’s Redskins Peanuts are available to enjoy with your beverage, still only $2 per tray. Ask to take some home with you, they are a healthy snack and a wonderful gift!  Or, if you would like Cascarelli’s Redskins Peanuts with your next catered event, only $7.50 a pound.

Cashews are also available, $4.50 per tray with your beverage, or $13.50 per pound at your catered event.* We also offer Almonds and Macadamia nuts for your catered events.

Cascarelli’s secret roasting process assures you the very richest taste that is always perfect for an appetizer or for munchies as you enjoy our entertainment.

Cascarelli’s Roasted Redskins Peanuts secret roasting process dates back to early 1900’s.  The Cascarelli’s peanut roaster cart was a prized possession and lost during the flood of 1909.  The family lost their home, their business location, and their peanut cart.  Cascarelli’s moved to a new location, and made due without the cart.  Years later,  through a quirk of fate, the cart was found, and returned to Cascarelli’s.  The art at left was created by one of the waitresses at Cascarelli’s Tavern around 1977.  The same waitress later became a full time artist and web designer and is the designer of this web site.

See our peanuts order form.   See our catering menu that includes peanuts by the pound for local ordering.

*Please note we are in the process of updating our order forms and website, so prices are subject to change without notice.