The founder: Robert Cascarelli

by Albion Historian Frank Passic – used with permission
Frank Passic’s – Historical Albion Series

The name Cascarelli is synonymous with good times and good food at 116 S. Superior St.

It had its beginnings with the original Robert Cascarelli (1856-1932), a native of Borgopartenope (can you pronounce that?), Italy. Robert immigrated to America in 1882 and came to Albion in 1897. Robert purchased a portable peanut roaster and opened a fruit stand and confectionary store downtown. He business settled at 109 N. Superior St. “over the River” in the back of the Parker-Kessler block. Unfortunately, it was one of the structures that collapsed into the River and was destroyed in the Great Flood of March, 1908. The Cascarelli family, who lived in their apartment in the back of the store, had wisely fled beforehand to the Commercial Hotel on W. Porter St. (presently the Moose Lodge building).

Temporarily displaced during 1908, Robert subsequently purchased the cigar store location of John Moll on January 7, 1909. It was located at 116 S. Superior St. in the center of downtown Albion. Robert became of Albion’s most respected downtown retail merchants, selling fruit, ice cream and candy during the years of Prohibition. The firm was continued by his son Louis (1907-1975), who transformed it into a tavern restaurant, and of course today is operated by Louis’ son Jim Cascarelli.

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