Tour of Cascarelli’s

Here we are starting a tour of Cascarelli’s so our visitors can get an idea of what it’s like before they get here. We will post some photos of earlier days also for comparison, and we’ll post more photos here in the future also.

cascarellis_albion_michigan_boothsOne of the favorite areas to sit with friends at Cascarelli’s is in one of the old booths that line the south wall of the original building.

These same booths (or ones that looked just like these) were evident in photos from during the days of prohibition when Cascarelli’s was a confectionery store.

cascarellis_albion_michigan_dining_roomOur dining room next door just down a few steps has a very large bar.  This amazing antique was left from the earlier days when this building was “Dave’s Stag Bar.”  There are antique radios and a cash register on the bar.  This is the room where we have live entertainment sometimes, and where groups often push tables together for livelier conversations.  We also have a meeting room one more building over.  All of these rooms are attached and there are access doors in back for each room.

cascarellis_albion_michigan_salad_barHere is our salad bar that is available every day we are open, starting at 11 a.m. and through dinner hour.  One of the fun features of the salad bar is that it includes Cascarelli’s Redskin Peanuts, that we roast on site.

The salad bar is a way to eat healthy and also fast when you are in downtown Albion.

When you come to visit, you might notice a new hotel being built next door.

 Thank you for taking the tour. We will post more later!