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The Cascarelli’s Albion 2017 Nut brochure 

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Note for 12/12/2018 – The old order form at the bottom of this page has some corrections posted here above.
The new order form will be posted soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We no longer offer the boxes as shown in the order form from 2017.
The pricing for the jars is the same this year as in the order form:

  • Redskins 20 oz. Jar $15.00
  • Almonds 20 oz. Jar $18.00
  • Cashews 20 oz. Jar $20.00
  • Macadamias 20 oz. Jar $30.00
Bags are 1 pound each:
Macadamias $21.50
We are also offering tins of nuts.  Here is the pricing:
Tin total weight 1 # Tin lids come in a variety of Christmas scenes
Pricing as follows
All redskins$12
All cashews$18
All almonds$18
All macadamias$28
1/2#cashew 1/2# redskin$15
1/2# cashew 1/2# almond $18
1/2# macadamia 1/2# almond $25

This image shows the 2018 packaging including the bags and the tins for nuts.

Cascarelli's Nut Order Form

This is the 2017 order form that has some information including jars and the order form fields that might be helpful. We will post the new form very soon.


Cascarelli’s Albion has a secret method of roasting our nuts that is
handed through the family for over three generations.
This gift is sure to please. 

Why not place your order and arrange for a pick-up or your order?
Try our email on the pdf order form above or our contact form.

While you are in Albion, you can take the Self-Guided Purple Gang Tour,
Go to the newly renovated Bohm Theatre,
and look in the windows of the downtown storefronts that are undergoing renovation.

Several more walking tours are available and we will post more here later. In the meantime, visit for news about Albion, and things that are happening.

This form was posted in 2017.
We reserve the right to change our pricing without notice.